Let Me Work With You!

Let Me Work With You!

Ministers need help, too!  Having someone with whom they can be transparent and still be safe is a luxury most ministers don’t enjoy.  A sounding board and insight from an unbiased resource person to help with direction in ministry might help keep keep one’s calling fresh and exciting.  Having a Ministry Coach can help a minister stay the course and enjoy the call God has extended.

Preparing to deal with conflicts before they have a significant impact on the church avoids long-term devastating effects to the health of the fellowship of believers.  In association with Dr. Kenneth Newberger, I can provide training to your congregation to moderate strife early and resolve differences in a scriptural, harmonious manner.

Churches are made of individuals, each of which have an idea of how “church” should be organized and conducted.  Sometimes those opinions are very strong, and sometimes they clash with other member’s thoughts and opinions.  When the clashes include ministering staff personnel, within the staff or in difference with congregational members, the struggle for “right” sometimes becomes detrimental to the life and healthy functioning of the body of believers. Usually, those involved have their vision blurred by the emotions they experience, so getting an outside resource involved is critical to gaining resolution for the problem at hand. As a minister and counselor, my training and experience can be helpful in the process of guiding a church through a process of finding the solutions to the differences they experience.  Generally speaking, a process would include:

  • Gaining an understanding of the perspective of the differing parties involved in the conflict
  • Giving those involved opportunity to verbalize their concerns
  • Developing a plan to move toward resolution
  • Implementing ministry to the offended parties that displays Christ’s love
  • Generating an atmosphere of forgiveness so bitterness and resentment do not linger

For a consultation to evaluate the fit of my ministry with your need, contact me using the contact form, or call 225-773-8883 and lets talk about how I might be of help.


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