The Top Ten Reasons to Like Christmas

by kensneed2 on January 3, 2012

10. Most of the grass has stopped growing so you can stop mowing the lawn. (Kind of iffy in south Louisiana!)
9. You can begin to enjoy songs that have familiar lyrics because you’ve heard them since childhood.

8. The spirit of love and giving means at least one person in the parking lot at the mall will allow you to have the empty parking space without having to play chicken.

7.  It’s the time of year that you’ll have lots of reading material that only requires a magnifying glass to read the fine print explaining shipping & handling costs that exceed the price of the gift you’re ordering for your loved one.

6. Going to church means no boring sermons — lots of music to brighten your spirit!

5. Five golden rings!!

4. Lots of reasons to forget about the definition of the word, “diet.”

3. Family that is at least polite to each other, regardless of the qualifiers; e.g. “in-law,” “step-_______, or “distant” (as in “distant cousin,” etc).

2. Going to church isn’t considered punishment because the message — in song, word and fellowship — has a depth of meaning as we’re reminded of the Reason for the Season.

And the number one reason to like Christmas:

1. The Celebration is the greatest reason of all for celebrating!

Make this a real season for celebrating for you and yours.  Enjoy Christmas for the reason that you can celebrate all year long in the New Year!

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