by myvanewchurch on December 24, 2009

WELCOME to The Recovering Church, a ministry aimed at giving guidance to churches who have been struggling with unresolved conflict within the congregation, the church staff or between the congregation and staff.

Many churches today find themselves wrestling with problems that might be resolved with the assistance of a fresh, outside look that is not distorted by the emotions that might escalate into disappointing, hurtful and unnecessary problems.  Approaches tailored to the needs of each church’s situation can give a congregation hope and new life.

A few of the kinds of issues that might arise in a church could include:

  • Interpersonal Conflicts – Personalities are a part of life, in secular life or in a church.  Resolving conflicts between individuals or groups can allow for progress for the church as a whole.
  • Staff Conflicts – Although called by God to serve in a ministerial capacity, the staff members are still human, with differing opinions and approaches to being what they have been called to do.
  • Time Management – Whether as staff members or committees, efficiently using time can avoid many conflicts that arise because of differences of view for what can or should be done.
  • Organizational Conflicts – Committees and staff responsibilities, if not properly guided and effectively implemented, can cause anxiety and differences of opinions.
  • Differences on Theological Issues – One’s beliefs about the Bible as the guidepost for the church’s direction make differing perspectives threatening.
  • Problem Solving – Churches, like individuals, have different personalities.  Working through differences can become conflictual if a process is not developed to help those with differing perspectives learn to work for satisfactory resolution.

The Recovering Church offers solutions that are practical, scriptural and honor God.  The overarching goal is to work toward uniting the membership and staff of churches desiring to be the fellowship of believers that provide meaningful ministry to each other and reaches out to their community.

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