Confessions of a Recovering Youth Minister

by kensneed2 on April 8, 2012

Ya know, I’ve been working really hard to be so-o-o-o scholarly and academic in my articles so everyone would be impressed and want to work with me (or get me to work with them) to improve their ministry.

So much for the scholarly, academic impressions.  I don’t think it’s impressing anyone after all.

The fear of being yourself

I figured that no one would listen to advice from someone who’d mostly been a youth minister the major part of his God called career.

But we live in a society where learning from your mistakes is respected. Right!?

And valuable insights are frequently gained from the bottom of the pile.  Aren’t they!!?

So now you know.  I’ve spent most of my ministry as a youth minister.  And a pretty good one at that.

Many Roles . . . One Calling

And I’ve also been a recreation minister, and a minister to young adults — namely, college students and young (and not-so-young) singles, as well as young (and not-so-young) married couples.

Oh yeah . . . when I was a sophomore in college, I pastored a really little mission church two hours from the college campus, so I guess that qualifies me for experience as a pastor, too!

And, boy! — have I learned a lot!!  A lot about senior pastors and senior pastoring, and minister of educationing (AKA: minister of spiritual formations), and ministering of musical things, and yes, youth ministers, too,  etc . . . etc . . . etc. (to quote Yul Brenner. And you could look it up!)

From now on, academically or not, I’m going to talk about what I’ve learned, and what I know  I’ve learned that will definitely help ministers of all walks.

Keep in mind, I’ve also degreed myself with long and serious studies in counseling and marriage and family therapying.  That has indeed been very valuable for assisting people to be human beings.  And I’ve been practicing it full-time for 19 years, now.

One of the foremost things I’ve learned in 40+ years of ministry is that minsters need to learn to be Human Beings.

Being Genuine Is Central to Being God’s Person

A few weeks ago someone put me onto a blog by Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary.  She’s subtitled her blog: Inappropriate Remarks, Embarrassing Antics and Generally Lame Observations from a Christian Missionary in Costa Rica. (Is that honest, or what??)

If you check out her blog you may be offended.  I’m sorry for that. I hope you’re not offended.

After reading about her background, I’m impressed that she’s allowed Jesus to be part of her life at all.
A rough start in life for her.

I Want to Help You Be a Human Being

I’m also impressed with the fact that she’s a real Human Being — honest about what she experiences and thinks.

So here’s my point: I want to help ministers of all kinds be Human Beings.  Ministers who can be real — who God made them to be because of His Son, with honesty and genuineness.

I also want to help churches be the best they can be as a group, in spite of the fact they’re a group of human beings.

All of the articles I’ve written are genuine attempts to offer insights and suggestions about relating to each other.  I’ve worked really hard to help you.  (And impress you.)

Now you’ll get the help, and I hope that it’ll impress you because I want God’s Spirit to be the guide for all of us as we work together to be the people God created us to be to accomplish His purpose.

Leave a comment.
I dare ya.

Ask a question.
I dare ya.

Let me work with you.
I double dog dare ya.

The initial conversation (sometimes called a consultation) is free.  If you want scholarly assistance, please say so up front,  and I’ll use as many big words as I can.  Otherwise, know that you’re going to get me the way God made me — a Recovering Youth Minister!

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