“Twice as less . . . .” = 1/2 as much . . . maybe!?

by kensneed2 on April 26, 2012

I was listening to a discussion on a talk radio show the other night on the way home from the office.

Well-educated, seemingly intelligent people were in a discussion about the latest hoopla in the news.

One of the “experts” was driving home his point when he pointed out a study which revealed that the group most assumed to do the right thing in the study was “twice as less likely” as any other group to do the wrong thing.

Does that sound convoluted to you?

“Twice as less likely!”

What does that mean??

I don’t even remember the topic of the discussion after hearing that!

I shared this tidbit of verbal wisdom with my wife.  She’s a school teacher.  Grammar is not important in our house, it’s critical!

She hypothesized that, if twice as less likely is the equivalent of one-half as likely, does that mean that four times as less likely is the same as a thing never happening!?

If I ever find out who the person is who made that statement, I’m four times as less likely to listen to whatever he has to say!

This brings us to the narrow end of the funnel.  (Grady Nutt used to say that when he was getting into the serious part of what he had to say.)

Motivation to be in The Kingdom

What would help you be twice as less likely to be part of the world, and be wholly living in The Kingdom right now?

We’ll never be living a perfect life, and at the same time, we need to be aware that we are in God’s Kingdom now.

I’m convinced that living a worldly life while being God’s children is what causes us to make poor choices and feel guilty after we’ve acted on those choices.


Church was originated by God to be the end-all, do-all support group for His children.  So how ‘bout let’s all begin to live twice as less like the world, and make it our daily goal to live twice as much like God’s children.  Let’s be our own support group and get better at it.

If you’re a senior pastor and want to lead your staff in guiding your church into a twice the times unity, click on the free report button and download it for free. (Good reason to call it a “free report,” huh!??)

If you’re a church member, put your church’s ministering staff onto this website.  OR, send them the link to the free report: www.ChurchHarmonyNow.com.

In the meantime, please pray for me to get that phrase out of my head.  I’m twice as less likely to stay sane if I can’t shake it!

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