Do Your Guests Feel Like They’re Home?

by kensneed2 on November 1, 2011

Ever been invited to a new friend’s house and as soon as you walk in, you feel at home?  What is it that makes you feel so comfortable?

You go to a social gathering and when you walk in, you feel at home.  The atmosphere is so welcoming that you don’t have to find “your spot.”  The whole place is your spot.

So, when visitors enter the building where your fellowship of believers worships, are they at home?  Prepare your church to greet visitors so they’ll feel at home without overkill that is too much for them.

Implement some of these ideas to welcome guests and help them feel comfortable:

  • Station greeters in the parking lot to greet everyone, and when they meet visitors, escort them to the next greeter(s) at the door of the building.
  • Have greeters at the doors escort guests to the welcome area where they are then taken to their Bible study (Sunday School) class and they’re introduced to others in the class.
  • Have a member or couple in the class invite the guests to sit with them in the worship service.
  • Have greeters at the doors prepared to walk guests to empty seats in the worship center and introduce them to those near where they sit.
  • Prepare members to invite guests to lunch after worship.
  • Encourage members to inform visitors about upcoming events that they would be interested in because of age, being single or married, or possible interests (e.g., choir rehearsal, sports programs, social events).
  • Help members know of the importance of follow-up with guests by phone and notes.
  • Have a ministry team to follow-up with guests the day of their visit by having a team to stop by the home or apartment of the visitor with a gift (e.g., loaf of fresh baked home made bread or muffins, a welcome basket of small gifts — a mug, note pad & pen, a letter opener, etc).

Whaddayathinkabouthis?  Do some brainstorming with your staff or the appropriate group to develop your plan to welcome visitors in a way that makes them feel at home when they visit for the first time.  Can you afford to risk that it will happen by accident?  Get your members on board for harmony from the first experience with the church!

For team building and brainstorming to develop a staff unity that is contagious with your entire church, contact me at 225-773-8883.  We can develop a plan for your staff to lead in reaching others with enthusiasm.   

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