by kensneed2 on November 10, 2011

Ever been so hurt by something that occurred at church that you’ve decided the only way to deal with it is to find another church to attend?  I know what you’ve mean!  When it blind-sides you, it’s a, “I never imagined anything like this would happen in my wildest nightmares!!”  kind of situations.  And every time it happens, it’s one of those situations . . . again.

It may have been a pastor, or a church member who was working on assumptions without knowing the whole issue.  Now it’s a doctrinal/theological issue.


Do you ask God why He let the situation happen?  Do you blame Him for what’s happening?  Do you confront the person with your opinion of what you disagree with?  Do you start your own Bedside Bible Church where you’re the one running things “right” and no one else can possibly mess it up?

There is no way anyone else can make that decision for you.  You have to live with your choice, so you’d better do your best to make a decision that you can live with in your relationship with your Father.


It’s not a decision that affects you, alone.  It affects the rest of the fellowship of believers to some degree or another.  Better pray before you decide, instead of asking God to bless what you decide to do after you’ve made your choice.


  • Because you disagree with a direction the church decides to take, does that make you right and everyone else wrong?
  • If the path you’re considering is the right thing for you, just be sure that it doesn’t create a situation that is divisive in the church.
  • Do you have to leave the church to be able to enjoy meaningful worship?
  • Doing the right thing may mean taking a deep breath and doing what’s right for everyone else, whether you feel like it or not.
  • Be sure to consider how God wants you to invest yourself so He can use you in His service.
  • Pray, pray, pray!  Above all else, make every effort to be available to God in your behavior toward others, your choices and how you can be available to Him.

Whaddayagonnado with this? Count yourself fortunate that your belief regarding worship and fellowship with the local body of believers has a powerful impact on you.  Just be sure to take the “high road” in your response to the struggle you’re involved in.  Honor Jesus by behaving as He would, rather than cause a problem that hurts or disappoints others, if that’s at all possible.

You know what it feels like to be hurt by, or disappointed with, church . . . don’t you!!?

Want help with a church problem?  Maybe something so big it threatens the solidarity of the church’s unity.  Perhaps there’s an issue between church and ministerial staff.  Feel free to contact me through the “Contact Me” page on this web site.

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