Ten Things a Church Needs To Do Better Than a Business

by kensneed2 on July 5, 2011

While there are several things a church should do like a business to be effective, efficient and honor God, there are some things they shouldn’t do because the church is more than a business.  Here are 10 things a church should do better than the world’s businesses to assure it rises above the level of the the world’s businesses.

  1. Treat employees like people and not just machines to make more money
  2. Value every person as if he/she was the most important person in the church or community, just as a Godly business would treat it’s biggest client.
  3. Encourage every person to live like it’s the Lord’s Day every day.
  4. Respect God with honor, and trust that He’ll fill any gaps that might otherwise be created by not following the world’s way of operating; e.g., Chick-fil-a & Hobby Lobby, both of which are closed on Sundays.
  5. All employees should understand from the start of their employment that, as representatives of Christ, only positive words and ethical, moral behavior are acceptable.
  6. Be sure that every employee honors each person with respect and courtesy.
  7. Coax your membership to take time with families by not having activities every night of the  week.
  8. Laugh together — have fun as a staff, in small groups and as a church family.
  9. Say, “I’m sorry.” — motivate the staff and church family to admit wrongs & mistakes in seeking forgiveness rather than living in the denial of perfection. Do this with a do as I do and we won’t have doubts about what I say attitude.
  10. Forgive — when asked for, offer forgiveness quickly.  When not asked for, let go of an offense and move forward in Christ’s example.

Sometimes we get embroiled in competition with the world, and worse yet with other churches.  If churches, AKA Christians, spent as much energy learning how God wants us to behave and practicing what is learned, WOW! what a positive influence we could be.

When unity is interrupted by conflict that can’t be resolved within the church body, call me at 225-773-8883.  We can discuss a plan to fit your church that will equip you to deal with many conflicts and disputes.

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